Donate to the Graduation Fund

Goal  –  $3,325 

Raised as of 3/18  –   $2,565

Graduation approaches and a few of our students can not afford the required fees.

We think every student who has put in the hard work needed to graduate should be able participate in the ceremony with their classmates.

If you would like to sponsor a needy student to participate in graduation, please  click on the link above to donate via PayPal.

  • $95 pays for a student to have a cap and gown and participate in the ceremony
  • $60 pays for a cap gown and diploma for one student
  • $35 pays for one student to participate in the graduation ceremony.

Thank you for your help!

Alcohol and Substance Abuse Information

from PTSA Meeting on 4/26/18

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The Epidemiology and Prevention of Excessive Alcohol Use

Panel Presentation – Georgia Overdose Data and Drug Trends

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2017-2018 Advocate


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Info for the Devil Fridge



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